Brain Injury


Head and brain injuries in sports has led to a great deal of research and knowledge in the last decade. We now know that regardless of the type of accident, sustaining head wounds can result in a traumatic brain injury, now abbreviated to TBI. Regardless of whether the accident is a car collision, a bicycle crash or a slip/trip and fall, the human brain can suffer trauma. In fact, being hit from behind (rear-ended) in a car accident can result in head injury.

Current wisdom suggests that medical attention should be sought as soon as possible to determine the nature and extent of any head injury. Brain trauma can be mild or severe; it might not even manifest itself immediately. If you or a family member should sustain a head injury, you should be knowledgeable about symptoms that indicate potential damage; they range from relatively milder symptoms such as dizziness and headaches to more severe symptoms such as memory loss, behavioural changes and seizures. The recovery process for someone who has sustained brain injury can involve treatment and therapists covering a wide range of expertise, from occupational to physical to speech therapies.


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